Is It Possible To Revoke Someone's Bail Bond That You Paid?

Posted on: 9 March 2018

When a defendant's bail is revoked, it's usually done by the court as a result of those people breaking one of the conditions of his or her release. In some cases, though, friends and family members want to void bonds for defendants they feel are about to do something illegal that will cause bail to be forfeited by the court, resulting in undesirable consequences for everyone involved. While there's no guarantee you'll get the outcome you want, here's how you could go about getting a bond revoked.

Check Your Contract

The only way you have a chance of revoking bail is if you got the person out of jail using a bail bond company. Courts rarely, if ever, void bail paid for directly by an individual. However, there may be language in your contract with the bail bondsman that lets you revoke the bond you purchased from them under certain circumstances. Consult your contract to determine if this option is available, and follow the steps outlined in the document to begin the process of removing your responsibility for the defendant.

Obtain Proof of the Defendant's Violation

Even though there may be a clause that lets you revoke the defendant's bond, the bail company typically won't do it unless you have proof the defendant is about to violate the terms of their release and put the company at risk of losing the money they gave the court. However, providing the bondsman with evidence of the defendant's current and future actions can be challenging.

Do your best to provide as much information to the bail bond company as possible. For instance, if you notice the defendant has been searching airline or train fares on the internet, let the bondsman know. The company representative may be able to verify whether the defendant actually booked a ticket, indicating the person intended to travel somewhere without authorization. Using this information, the bondsman can revoke the bond and turn the defendant over to police for attempted bail jumping.

Be Prepared to Pay

Although you may be able to get the bail bond revoked, it will usually come at a price. Typically, you won't be refunded the fee you paid to secure the bond in the first place, and that will usually be the end of the transaction. However, some companies may charge you administrative fees it incurs as part of the bond cancelling process (e.g. court and documentation fees). If these costs are not already outlined in your contract, be sure to ask the bail bond rep about them so you can make arrangements to pay.

For more information about revoking bail bonds or help getting someone you trust out of jail, contact a bond company, such as Bail Bond BY Affordable Bonding.


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