Is It Possible To Refinance A Mortgage Loan To Get Better Terms?

Posted on: 11 May 2023

Do you dislike the terms of your current mortgage loan? For example, the interest rate might be too high for your budget. If you don't want to continue making those high payments and are hoping to change the terms of your loan, consider refinancing. It's one of the different mortgage services provided by mortgage lending companies, making it entirely possible to secure better terms.

Check Your Current Credit Score

Securing more favorable terms could be much easier if you've worked on your credit score since obtaining your mortgage loan with a higher interest rate. Before you begin the steps involved in refinancing your mortgage loan, run a credit check to see your progress. If your score is substantially higher, it's a good thing. Even if your score isn't as high as you would like it to be, any progress could potentially help you secure better terms on your mortgage loan, so it's still worth a shot to try to refinance.

Complete a Loan Application to Refinance

After you've checked your credit score, fill out an application for a refinancing loan. The lender can run a credit check and may then provide you with an offer. If the offer is more affordable than your current terms, you can go with it. Upon completing the application, you may also have options from several lenders. Hence, it helps to browse through your options and review everything, including the interest you would be charged and the length of time you would have to pay off the loan. 

If you see an ideal interest rate, you can go with it. After selecting the loan, the underwriting process begins, which involves a more detailed credit check and a verification of the financial details you provided when filling out your application. As long as everything checks out as it should, the lender will get back to you and may even request a date and time to visit your property for an appraisal. When you complete these steps, the lender will provide you with the loan details to review, and you can decide if you will go with the refinanced loan or not.

Refinancing is an option many consider when they're looking to get a loan with lower interest rates, which will help them save money long-term. You may be able to adjust the terms of your current mortgage loan by choosing to refinance. Reach out to a professional for more information about mortgages


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