Want Private Investors? How To Get Private Capital Investors To Invest In You

Posted on: 13 April 2019

Business loans are not something you are seriously considering at this time. You want the funds to grow a business startup, but not the debt that could kill the business before it ever gets off the ground. That is both understandable and smart, at least for the first three to five years. If that is where you are at right now, you probably want private investors. Yet, how on earth do you get private investors interested in what you are doing? If an investor does not see the value of your business, he or she will not invest. It is a real catch-22.

Private capital investment can start one of three ways. Depending on your "go-getter" personality type, you could do one or all of these ways. You will have to set aside some time every day to make this happen, so find the slowest periods in your business's day and work on one of the approaches/ways listed below to secure private investors' working capital. 

Angel Investors

Angel investors are private investors seeking business ops in which to invest. They provide set amounts of funding, often free of charge or repayment, in exchange for the opportunity to advise you, help you work through some difficulties in keeping things going, and maybe even a tiny percentage of the profits. If you need money, would love the advice, and hate the idea of loans, angel investor websites are a good place to start. You simply fill out an application and a request for funds, and the sites help pair you with private investors who are interested in helping fund your kind/type of business. 

Startup Launch Platforms

When you do not know where to go or who to ask for investment capital, there are startup launch platforms online. These platforms immediately steer you in the direction of multiple vetted investors who are not invisible or nameless. They are all reputable and real investors looking to help businesses get started and keep going. Their cut of the profits is all they ask in return for their investment (although an occasional investor may offer a loan with a specific interest rate instead). 

Knocking on Proverbial Doors and Hitting the Proverbial Pavement

Back when your grandfather was in the workforce, you started and grew a business with money you had and with money you received from investors you found. His generation went from business door to business door, looking for investors. You can certainly do the same, except now you have phones and the internet for mass emails. Make the calls, send the marketing emails, and get recognition and at least a few business lunches every day to get investors interested. 

Contact a company, like Overton Capital Corp, for more help.


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