Answering Common Bail Bonding Questions

Posted on: 17 June 2019

Bail has long been an established part of the criminal justice system. While bail can be a common and indispensable part of the criminal justice system, it is also an aspect of the system that is often difficult for people to fully understand. This article will answer a few questions you may have about bail and bail bonds.

Is It Possible To Have A Bail Request Denied?

It is important for individuals to be aware of the fact that bail is not an automatic right. Rather, the judge overseeing the matter will have leeway in determining whether bail is offered and the amount of bail that is required. In situations where the judge decides that the defendant is a danger to others or at risk of fleeing, bail may be withheld. An appeal is usually possible for denied bail, but the defendant will have to remain in jail until the appeal is concluded.

What Role Does Your Past Credit Play In Your Current Bail Bond Fees?

When bail is set, it will usually be set at a fairly high amount. This can make it difficult for individuals to be able to afford this amount on their own. Bail bonding services are available in these situations, but people might think that their previous credit will make it impossible to receive a bail bond or that it will cause the fees to be too expensive. Fortunately, your credit history is unlikely to be a major factor in determining the rate for your bail bond. Generally, the severity of the crime and the total amount of the bail will be the largest factors in determining the costs of issuing a bail bond.

Will You Ever Have To Check In With Your Bail Bondsman?

Depending on the bail bonding service and the circumstances surrounding your case, the bondsman may want you to periodically check in with their office. This is to ensure that the bonding service knows where you are and has your contact information. If your bail bondsman has issued these requirements, you will need to be very diligent about following them. Otherwise, the bondsman could revoke the bond, which could cause you to have to return to jail.

Being prepared to defend your rights in a criminal proceeding will require you to have a solid understanding about the various aspects of the criminal justice system that you might encounter. In particular, having a solid understanding about the bail bonding process will make it easier to quickly secure your release from jail so that you can focus on preparing for your trial.

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