Tips When Cashing a Business Check

Posted on: 15 April 2021

If you have a business, you may get paid in checks. Turning them into cash isn't as easy as personal checks because there could be multiple parties involved. Fortunately, these tips can help you successfully cash a business check each time.

See Which Parties Are on the Check

Before you head to a bank or another financial institution to cash a business check, you want to see who the check was made out to. This does matter in terms of the type of process you can expect when turning the business check into cash.

If it's just your name and you're the sole proprietor of the business, then getting cash from the business check may not be that difficult. If there are multiple parties listed because this business is owned by more than one party, then you may need to speak with the bank or financial institution about their check-to-cash process. 

Head to Banks That Offer Business Accounts 

If you want there to be minimal obstacles in turning a business check into cash, then head to a bank that will let you open a business account. They will have stress-free protocols in place since you're already a member and a valued customer. You can just give them information on your business account and present the business check that a client gave to you. Then you should be able to get cash within a couple of minutes once the bank verifies a couple of important details.

Consider Money Services

If you don't have a business account for your business just yet, that's okay. You can still cash a business check. You'll just need to consider other financial institutions, such as a company that offers money services. They should have no issues taking your business check and giving you cash.

You'll just need to verify you are the business owner. You can bring your personal ID, a passport, or some other type of documentation that proves who you are. Just to be safe, you might call the money service business ahead of time to make sure they can perform this check-to-cash service and also see what types of identification they accept. 

It's pretty common for businesses to still get paid with checks. This is particularly true for large amounts. If you need to take these checks and turn them into cash, then review all of the necessary protocols required of your business so that you're not put in a stressful position. For more assistance, contact commercial check cashing services. 


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